Biomarkers & Research

The collagen and extracellular matrix specialist

  • Customized assay development and research programs
  • Unique biomarker portfolio for analyzing samples in high-quality research facilities
  • World-renowned science team publishing in high-ranking journals

Clinical Development


  • Decades of in-house scientific and full-service clinical trial experience
  • Fast and efficient recruitment of eligible subjects with our unique feasibility approach FeasIntel™
  • Pioneering cost efficiency through unique risk-sharing models

What is Nordic Bioscience?

Nordic Bioscience is dedicated to preclinical and clinical drug development, specializing in precision medicine using unique biomarker technologies. Welcome to the Biomarker Powerhouse!

Having worked 25+ years in biomarker development and clinical trials, Nordic Bioscience has acquired extensive expertise in rheumatology, fibrosis and oncology in particular.

We have more than 50 articles published each year in well respected, peer-reviewed journals. This year we exceeded 400 publications in total 

We tailor our unique solutions to our clients’ needs.

As a privately owned specialized company, we are able to make decisions swiftly, leverage cross-functional synergies and quickly adapt the organization to accommodate clients’ current and future needs.

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