Our focus

Understanding how and why an otherwise tumor-restrictive stroma evolves into a tumor-permissive stroma. We believe that therapies restoring the tumor restrictive stroma by normalizing extracellular matrix turnover are the future of clinical cancer research.  

Our relevance

The hallmark of a tumor-permissive stroma is a disruption of tissue microarchitecture and altered extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling. The extracellular matrix alterations in the tumor fuel a vicious cycle of stromal dissemination enriching for cancer-associated fibroblast (CAFs), desmoplasia, immunosuppression and an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition leading to poor efficacy of interventions.

Our current approach

A patient-centric approach to evaluate extracellular matrix biomarkers in clinical trials with the potential to predict the likelihood of response and elaborate on method-of-action by monitoring direct or "bystander" effect on the extracellular matrix. In contrast to most other liquid biopsies that focus on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) or circulating tumor cells (CSCs), at Nordic Bioscience we focus our biomarker efforts on targeting and quantifying post-translational modifications (PTMs) on proteins or peptide fragments in circulation.

Nordic ProteinFingerPrint Technology™ allows for a tumor agnostic approach (solid tumors) to address tumor microenvironment alterations that can be tracked to specific cellular and biological processes through non-invasive quantification of extracellular matrix turnover and with clear value for drug development and benefit for patients. 

The tumor

Clear value
for drug development

Tumor fibrosis

Predict response

Fibroblast (CAF) activity

Monitor tissue changes

Invasion Metastasis


Pre-metastatic niche




Tissue stiffness


Proteolytic activity


Inflammation and
T-cell activity



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