Proteins have multiple domains, each with distinct functions. Some proteins have pro-peptides which may be used as biomarkers of protein formation. Other proteins have cryptic signals which are released after protease cleavage during tissue remodeling. Lastly, all proteins are degraded, which results in specific fragments that may be used as biomarkers for protein destruction. These biomarkers of tissue remodeling offer a wealth of information about most chronic diseases for drug developers, providing insights into pharmacodynamics, and prognostic and predictive utility, among others.

Read more about the pro-peptides, the degradation fragments, the tissue balance, signaling peptides, and how to incorporate that into your biomarker strategy in this article about the Nordic ProteinFingerPrint Technology™

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Inflammatory bowel disease, also known as IBD, is a chronic intestinal disease where neutrophils play a crucial role by producing and releasing calprotectin. Fecal calprotectin is a well-established biomarker for IBD, but low patient compliance with fecal sample collection has been a challenge.

Learn more about neutrophils, NETosis, calprotectin, and how a simple blood sample can assist patients, physicians, and clinicians to accurately quantify true neutrophil and disease activity in IBD and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

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The Nordic Bioscience laboratory services are performed in compliance with international standards for GCP and GLP. Our operations are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). We have a long history of measuring and providing clinical data used by decision-makers to make vital decisions. 

Our laboratory has the capacity to provide customized solutions. We have scientific biomarker experts, experienced project managers, and high-quality equipment to handle, plan and execute biomarker strategies across many levels in any organization - no project is too little, and no organization is too big.

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