Director of Sales

Rune Vestermark joined Nordic Bioscience in January 2016 and became Director of Sales in July 2023 following his successful track record. Rune holds a BSc in Medicine with Industrial Specialization from Aalborg University, a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Copenhagen, and an mMBA from AROS Business Academy.

He serves as the vital link between our collaborators and all our scientific groups. Rune is currently dedicating a significant portion of his time to providing support to our collaborators within the fields of organ fibrosis and oncology. 

You can reach out to Rune at for general business inquiries.


Associate Director of Scientific Sales

Trained as a biochemist specializing in immunology and cellular processes, he started at Nordic Bioscience in 2017 as an industrial PhD fellow, working on extracellular remodeling in cardiovascular diseases. Alexander recently joined the alliance management team and is focused on creating value for stakeholders and collaborators based on Nordic Bioscience's experience in fibrosis and ECM turnover. He has extensive experience with cardiovascular biomarkers and their use and utility in clinical trials and is now the associate director of scientific sales, and heads the business and alliance efforts in cardiovascular research.

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You can reach out to Alexander at for general business inquiries.

Associate Director of Strategic Alliances & Business Development, ImmunoScience

After completing his master’s in Life Science and Business studies at Leiden University, Mayuur joined Nordic Bioscience. He has extensive experience in business development and scientific alliances in the areas of renal, cardiovascular, respiratory and hepatic fibrosis and is versed in rheumatology and oncology. Mayuur thrives on creating long-term collaborations and alliances utilizing Nordic’s unique ECM remodeling biomarkers that ultimately lead to precision medicine.

You can reach out to Mayuur at for general business inquiries.

Scientific Alliance Manager, Respiratory

After finishing her doctoral degree in using extracellular matrix remodeling biomarker in respiratory diseases, Sarah recently joined the scientific alliance manager group. She has significant experience in biomarker development and understanding how to use these biomarkers in preclinical and clinical settings. She is now heading the business efforts in the respiratory space and is converting her comprehensive scientific knowledge into business operations.  

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You can reach out to Sarah at for general business inquiries.

Scientific Alliance Manager, Oncology

Claus has been with Nordic since 2019 after graduating from Aalborg University with a master’s degree in Medicine with Industrial Specialization with a profile in Medical Market Access. During his time at university Claus founded several companies in the digital space, from which he accomplished a successful exit after his graduation. Claus is responsible for Nordic Bioscience business operations in oncology, meanwhile supporting our digital initiatives with his experience.

You can reach out to Claus at for general business inquiries.

Scientific Alliance Manager, Gastroenterology

Elijah joined Nordic Bioscience in 2021 after successfully completing his master's degree in Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. He started as a research assistant and now leads our scientific alliances and business development effort for our Gastrointestinal team. Elijah has extensive knowledge and experience in business development. During his time at the university, he successfully started his own service company. Since then, Elijah has been an asset in leading our customer relations and leveraging his extensive business knowledge to grow our partnership with stakeholders and sponsors in the GI space.

You can reach out to Elijah at for general business inquiries.

Scientific Alliance Manager, Central Laboratory Services, Neuroscience and Hematology

Bruna Manoel has been with our team since early 2022. With her extensive experience in clinical drug development and medical practice, Bruna's background as a trained Physician and holder of a Master's of Business Administration and Bio-Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School puts her in a unique position to drive drug development efficiency forward.

Bruna is dedicated to providing tailored end-to-end testing solutions for clinical trials, including biomarker services. She leverages Nordic Bioscience's expertise in Biomarker Development and Clinical Trials to help clients accelerate their drug development process.

To learn more about how Bruna can assist with your business inquiries, please contact her at

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or other inquiries.

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