Nordic Bioscience's ProteinFingerPrint Technology™ is backed by more than 30 years of research and used by world-leading pharmaceutical companies. Our extracellular matrix-based approach quantifies disease activity with precision unmatched by omics providers, offering mechanistic and pharmacodynamic insights into tissue remodeling, a process crucial to understand when evaluating the effect of a therapeutic Intervention.

Clinical trials face a high probability of failing across various stages of development, largely due to their prolonged duration, substantial financial investment, and lack of means of evaluating therapeutic efficacy. These factors collectively contribute to a lower likelihood of achieving successful outcomes in clinical trials. However, integrating highly responsive non-invasive biomarkers that reflect disease activity and are measured to the highest analytical and technical standards enables a sophisticated biomarker strategy.

Nordic ProteinFingerPrint™ prognostic and pharmacodynamic biomarkers provide more precise identification of the mechanism of action, patients to treat, or the patient population that will benefit the most from personalized treatments. Beyond improved success ratios, our biomarker services and strategy can contribute to the reduced duration and financial burden typically associated with clinical trials thereby the chances of clinical success.

Figure 1. Nordic Bioscience's ProteinFingerPrint™ biomarkers are prognostic and pharmacodynamic.

The Nordic ProteinFingerPrint Technology™ is a valuable tool for advancing precision medicine by assessing disease activity in a simple blood sample. Across most major chronic conditions such as fibrosis, tissue inflammation, and cancer the extracellular matrix undergoes changes leading to the generation of new proteins and the destruction of old ones.

This process leads to protein fragments that are released into circulation, specific to the pathology, and indicative of disease activity. Nordic Bioscience has more than 30 years of experience in developing and implementing these robust immunoassays that assess protein fragments with exceptional precision and accuracy in clinical trials to facilitate better treatment strategies.

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Figure 2. Seperate between tissue formation and tissue degradation for a holistic view on tissue remodeling.

As the extracellular matrix (ECM) undergoes continuous remodeling, understanding the process of protein formation and degradation is pivotal. Assessing this process offers a deeper comprehensive understanding of the underlying disease compared to assessing the total protein levels alone.

Also, the differentiation between measuring formation and degradation within the ECM is critical as it provides different information about disease mechanisms, such as fibrosis or inflammation.  Evaluating specific protein fragments degraded by specific enzymes adds further depth to the biomarker value where you can get insights into the enzyme activity.

Therefore, utilizing the Nordic ProteinFingerPrint Technology™ enables researchers to develop targeted therapies, gain insights into disease mechanisms, and monitor disease progression.

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