With a long scientific background in bone diseases, Dr. Claus Christiansen and Dr. Bente Juel Riis founded Osteometer A/S in 1989, a company that develops and manufactures medical devices for measuring bone mineral density.

In 1991, the company expanded to include a laboratory division for the development of biochemical markers, which later became Nordic Bioscience A/S. In 1996 it was decided to sell the medical devices division. Nordic Bioscience continued as an independent company in new premises in Herlev, Greater Copenhagen.

The first biochemical marker developed by Nordic Bioscience was serum osteocalcin, a marker for bone formation. Later, CTX-I in urine and serum was added, a marker for bone resorption. These initial biomarkers were followed by the development of a wide range of new biomarkers for various diseases. Today, we are active in many different areas and have over 160 mode-of-action biomarkers in our portfolio, 3 of which are FDA validated. We have published more than 600 papers and continue to produce more than 60 articles each year that are published in peer-reviewed journals.

Over the years, our work has specialized in two departments. The Research & Development Department focuses on identifying biomarkers of interest and researching and developing highly specialized assays. The Clinical Laboratory Department performs assay quality assurance, optimizes assay production, and measures research samples in a controlled CAP-accredited lab environment for customers around the world.

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