Chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD are highly heterogeneous and the traditional “one size fits all” treatment approach has largely failed. However, by stratifying patients based on subtypes using biomarkers, there is a potential to enhance the success rate in clinical trials by recruiting patients with the greatest likelihood of treatment response.

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Anew potential avenue has emerged for combating COPD as Nordic Bioscience secured access to ECLIPSE, a highly relevant cohort of samples and clinical data—presenting an opportunity for potential pharmaceutical partners to leverage the right biomarker technologies.

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Progressive pulmonary fibrosis is associated with an abnormal lung tissue remodeling and excessive extracellular matrix deposition. The Nordic ProteinFingerPrint TechnologyTM can measure these processes with tailored biomarkers of lung tissue remodeling, epithelial damage, wound healing, and inflammation. Read more about how our biomarkers for pulmonary fibrosis can be used prognostically, pharmacodynamically, and translationally to support drug development.

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