Bente Juel Riis earned her medical degree from the University of Copenhagen in 1981, receiving her DMSc in 1989. Dr Riis and Dr. Claus Christiansen co-founded Nordic Bioscience in 1992 and Bente Juel Riis led the efforts of establishing a Clinical Development Department at the company. Dr Riis published her first peer reviewed paper in 1984 and has since published more than 180 papers and book chapters in several disease areas, particularly in calcium metabolism.

H-Factor: 65

Board Member

Claus Christiansen is the founder of Nordic Bioscience and the Danish Research Foundation. He earned his medical degree in 1971 from University of Copenhagen – the same year that he published his first peer-reviewed paper. His work has changed the field of osteoporosis and he has been instrumental in creating a scientific cross-disciplinary environment for PhDs with an interest in the life science industry. His research is published in high-ranking journals.

H-factor: 140

Board Member

Henrik Bernt Sanders serves as Board member of Nordic Bioscience. He is attorney-at-law from the University of Copenhagen – Master of Law. Henrik is an equity partner in the Danish law firm Mazanti-Andersen Korsø Jensen, advising primarily on mergers and acquisitions. Henrik serves as Chairman of the Board at Mazanti-Andersen Korsø Jensen. In addition, Henrik is appointed a permanent administrator by the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court since 2008.

CEO of Nordic Bioscience

Dr. Karsdal joined Nordic Bioscience in 2001 and rose to become CEO in 2010. Karsdal is a visionary leader, renowned for his solid expertise and dedication to biomarker development, the extracellular matrix and disease biology. Dr. Karsdal has published more than 650 peer-reviewed articles and has presented at numerous global scientific conferences. Dr. Karsdal oversees multiple larger partnerships, as well as 200+ Copenhagen-based staff.

H-index: 95

CFO of Nordic Bioscience

Copenhagen Business School – M.Sc., Business Economics. Thomas Nielsen joined Nordic Bioscience as CFO in January 2007 after being responsible for the external financial audit of the company since 2003. Thomas oversees the Nordic Bioscience administration, including financial, legal, IT and corporate matters.



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