Nordic Bioscience helps precision medicine development using the unique Nordic ProteinFingerPrint Technology™ biomarkers.

We are the only company in the world that provides extracellular matrix-focused collagen biomarkers that can distinguish between tissue formation and degradation.  These tissue-derived biomarkers, as well as neo-epitope biomarkers, are invaluable for evaluating pathological changes in all major disease areas. Our biomarkers can be used individually or in combination to detect tissue formation, remodeling, or destruction.

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By combining our biomarker technologies with our expertise in preclinical and clinical research, we can identify drug candidates most likely to benefit patients. The identification of predictive and prognostic biomarkers enriches clinical trials, which can reduce trial length and size of studies required to determine therapeutic efficacy.

Our services glean insights into pharmacodynamics, response-to-treatment, mode-of-action investigation, and much more. Our approach is highly scientific, and we are proud to publish our results frequently in leading journals worldwide.

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