CEO and Head of Research

Dr Karsdal joined Nordic Bioscience in 2001 and rose to become CEO in 2010. Karsdal is a visionary leader, renowned for his solid expertise and dedication to biomarker development, the extracellular matrix and disease biology. Dr Karsdal has published more than 500 peer-reviewed articles and has presented at numerous global scientific conferences. Dr Karsdal oversees multiple larger partnerships, as well as 150+ Copenhagen-based staff.

H-Factor: 76. i10-indeks: 372. Citations: 21838

CTO and Director of ImmunoScience

Dr. Bay-Jensen has been with Nordic Bioscience since 2008 – starting as a post-doctoral researcher and has since been appointed Director of ImmunoScience and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Through hard work, inventor mentality and leadership she has developed novel biomarkers to aid precision medicine – a journey that is continuously moving forward. As a researcher she has a strong focus on biomarkers for Rheumatic diseases, which she has been working on for the past two decades.

H-factor: 48. i10-index: 138. Citations: 7047

Director of Fibrosis, Hepatic and Pulmonary Research

Dr. Leeming joined Nordic Bioscience in 2004 and assumed the position as Director of Fibrosis in 2010. Her focus is on the development of serologically assessed markers to evaluate the extracellular matrix remodelling in patients with pulmonary or hepatic fibrosis for diagnosis or pharmacodynamic evaluation. Dr.Leeming is a principle inventor of PRO-C3 assay, a fibrogenesis marker used in multiple clinical trial studies. She has 150+ peer-reviewed publications.

H-index: 46. I10-index: 119. Citations: 6782

Director, Endocrinology

Dr. Henriksen joined Nordic Bioscience in 2002, and assumed the position as Director of Endocrinology in 2018. His research is focused on identification and development of novel peptide therapies for metabolic conditions, such as obesity, NASH and type 2 diabetes, and has resulted in patenting and development of two peptide families, namely the KBPs and the OXMs, which are moving rapidly towards clinical development.

H-Factor: 52, i10 index: 129, Citations 9837

Director of Fibrosis, Renal and Cardiovascular Research

Dr. Genovese joined Nordic Bioscience in 2011 and from 2014 she leads a group working in the application of markers of ECM remodeling in kidney and cardiovascular diseases. Her group’s activities span from biomarker discovery and development to clinical and preclinical biomarker validation in several chronic kidney diseases (CKD, DKD, IgAN, ADPKD, kidney transplant) and cardiovascular diseases (HFpEF, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation).

H-index: 21. i10-index: 34. Citations: 1954

Head of Department, Oncology

Dr. Willumsen joined Nordic Bioscience in 2012 and assumed the position as head of department in Oncology in 2016. His research group focuses on development of blood-based biomarkers to quantify the tumor matrix in serum from patients with cancers to understand pharmacodynamics/efficacy/resistance mechanisms of treatments. Research activities in the group span from biomarker discovery to preclinical and clinical validation of findings.

H-index: 16. i10-index: 25. Citations: 686

Director, Clinical Lab

Kishwar joined Nordic Bioscience in 2011 after graduating from the Technical University of Denmark. Since 2013 she has been heading the biomarker laboratory associated with the patented tests developed by Nordic Bioscience. Today she leads a team of more than 30 technicians and dedicated project managers providing high quality laboratory services covering all aspects of testing programs for our key customers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Director, Production and Compliance




Head of Data Science 

Dr. Bager has been with Nordic Bioscience since 2012 – starting as a PhD student and was in 2019 appointed as Head of Data Science. As Head of Datascience her and her team has a strong focus on how to work with biomarker data and how they can be used to aid precision medicine.

H-index: 10. i10-index: 12. Citations: 487

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