COPD is the third leading cause of death worldwide with a growing healthcare burden due to the aging population and continued exposure to risk factors. Currently, there are no treatments available to modify the lung tissue changes and halt the decline in lung function for COPD patients. Recent advances in drug development can be attributed to the inclusion of specific patient subsets in clinical trials, enabling the demonstration of treatment efficacy in individuals with shared molecular pathways that drive the disease. This highlights the importance of identifying clinically treatable COPD endotypes to bring novel treatment options to patients.

At Nordic Bioscience, we aim to characterize COPD better and use data-driven approaches to identify novel treatable endotypes. This has the potential of improving the efficacy of clinical trials and aid in the discovery of targeted treatments. We take advantage of our access to large, well-characterized cohorts and our unique biomarkers that are non-invasive tools for investigating causal molecular pathways leading to lung tissue destruction.

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