We strive to provide our customers with the highest possible standard for our biomarker platform. We are pleased to offer our data analysis services to help ensure that you make the most of the information output from our biomarkers. Our statistical and bioinformatic team will provide you with customized data analysis and our extracellular biomarker experts will help you interpret and understand your biomarker data.

We design our analysis to provide you with the best tools to interpret and understand your biomarker data. This way you can get the most out of your clinical trials.

Quick delivery

We excel at having short delivery times without compromising quality. This will enable you to make fast decision from your clinical trials

Scalable statistical solutions

With our advanced analysis package, you have the possibility to tailor your solution to fulfill individual needs and interests.

Help from scientific experts

Our statistical biomarker experts and scientific extracellular matrix experts are available to help you formulate the specific aims of the analysis, develop a research plan, and help interpret the results of the analysis.


We use multivariable analysis to identify baseline subgroupings of patients who are more likely to respond to treatment and/or experience an event of interest.

Using mix model’s, biomarker profiles between treatment arms overtime are compared. Subgroup analysis is also possible to identify if only a portion of the patients have an effect of treatment over time.

We use changes in biomarker profiles over time by disease progression status with the aim of early identification of disease progression.

Cluster analysis can be used to find relevant sub-groups or endotypes in biomarker data. We use both supervised and unsupervised clustering methods.

We use latent class models to identify different biomarker profiles overtime with the aim to identify subgroups of patients that e.g. progress or regress.

To identify variables associated with an outcome / response to treatment we use machine learning methods such as elastic.

Our experienced and skilled statisticians are ready to help you retrieve the most value from your biomarker panel. We can tailor a statistical solution to fulfill individual needs, interests and research questions. The final report of analysis includes a full analysis report and an executive summary of the results. The scientific experts assist in interpreting the data every step of the process to ensure you will receive the best possible value.

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