Our products range from large scientific research and consulting collaborations to sample analysis on a fee-for-service basis. Learn more about our products and what's right for you and your business under our Business Services page.

Nordic Bioscience offers a unique and comprehensive range of central and specialty lab, and biomarker services, from the initial identification of relevant biomarkers to customized development of highly specific assays and FDA validation of assays. All measurements of clinical samples take place in our CAP-accredited laboratory

Based on our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of extracellular matrix tissue turnover, we have developed an extensive portfolio of more than 106 biochemical assays. Find an overview of our biomarker assays here.

If your needs go a little beyond a single product or biomarker panels, we can put together a package that fits you perfectly, for example by adding statistical support to provide a 360° service covering all aspects of biomarker strategies.

Our translational models support pharmaceutical research and drug development and offer unique insights to improve diagnosis, prognosis and intervention efficacy. We can also provide a wide range of support related to preclinical research models.

Biomedical research has been shown to be more successful when biomarkers are included at every stage of clinical trials. However, biomarker validation is difficult because the process requires adherence to strict guidelines set by local health authorities. Our decades of regulatory experience in biomarker research and development can help you find the right regulatory approaches.

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