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"I hope this year will be as productive as last year! Congratulations to Team Nordic," said Morten Karsdal, CEO of Nordic Bioscience, as we close out 2021 and head into 2022. "Thank you for your commitment and support to our mission: to change people's lives through precision medicine and serological quantification of the extracellular matrix (ECM), enabled by high-precision instrumentation," Morten Karsdal emphasized.

Nordic Bioscience has published a total of 59 publications in 2021, exclusively in peer-reviewed journals, with an average impact factor of 6.62, which shows the impact Nordic Bioscience scientists are leaving in the field. This means that quantity and quality go hand in hand, as an impact factor above 5 is a very good distinction. Even more, many of these 59 publications have an impact factor above 10 or even 20.

Nordic Bioscience's research group is highly regarded in its field and a leader in extracellular matrix (ECM) science and quantification, proving that the company's efforts are having an impact.

"When we visited customers in December during our normal pharma tour," says Morten Karsdal, "I often heard how impressed our customers were with the interaction of our senior scientists and directors and the seamless coordination of the lab. "It is clear that we are all making a difference by trying to do things a little bit better every day," the CEO added.

These successes are the culmination of a year-long team effort. The publications are based on data, and all data start with an idea for a biomarker. Assay development, assay production, assay validation, assay measurements, biobank samples, legal contracts, quality control, data reporting, and so on: all these pieces of the puzzle are required to produce publications that demonstrate value to patients and science.

Finally, the 3rd edition of Nordic Bioscience's collagen book will be published in 2022, after the 2nd edition was downloaded 9000 times.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or other inquiries.

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