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Nordic Bioscience elevates its intellectual property portfolio with Trademarks and Logo

  • Nordic Bioscience secures trademarks for vital biomarkers and technology, including nordicPRO-C2™, nordicPRO-C3™, nordicPRO-C6™, and Nordic ProteinFingerPrint Technology™, strengthening its position as an industry pioneer.
  • The introduction of the new trademark, "RheumaTrace™," underscores Nordic Bioscience's commitment to groundbreaking advancements in rheumatology research, highlighting the company's ongoing dedication to scientific innovation.

Herlev, Denmark, 20 September 2023 - Nordic Bioscience, a leading innovator in the field of bioscience, announces a significant milestone in its commitment to innovation and the protection of its key assets. The company has successfully secured trademarks for several critical biomarkers and technology, reaffirming its dedication to advancing research and ensuring the safeguarding of its intellectual property.

In a strategic move, Nordic Bioscience has fortified its intellectual property portfolio by successfully securing trademarks for pivotal biomarkers and technology. The trademarks, including nordicPRO-C2™ (PRO-C2), nordicPRO-C3™ (PRO-C3), nordicPRO-C6™ (PRO-C6), and Nordic ProteinFingerPrint Technology™ (formerly Protein Fingerprint Technology), bolster the company's commitment to innovation and protection of key assets.

Excitingly, Nordic Bioscience introduces a new trademark, "RheumaTrace™," showcasing their dedication to advancing research in rheumatology.

Additionally, Nordic Bioscience is pleased to announce that its very own brand identity is now officially recognized and protected as a registered logo trademark. This achievement emphasizes the unique and distinctive nature of the Nordic Bioscience brand.

These developments highlight Nordic Bioscience's unwavering commitment to advancing bioscience and maintaining a strong presence in the industry. The company is poised for continued growth, innovation, and success as it leverages its enhanced intellectual property portfolio.



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About Nordic Bioscience

Nordic Bioscience is a Danish biomarker company headquartered in Herlev, Denmark. Nordic Bioscience is engaged in biomarker development using our unique neoepitope technology. We combine our expertise in biomarker development with preclinical and clinical research. This enables us to develop biomarkers that provide fast and objective decision-making for compound selection and development in clinical trials and provide value for patients in a diagnostic setting.

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