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A new chapter in the Nordic Bioscience history unveils

KKR's investment will support Nordic Bioscience with its ambitious growth goals: Global expansion of R&D services, diagnostics platform, leading patent portfolio and drug development.


Nordic Bioscience has a established position as the world’s most experienced company within the extracellular matrix (ECM) through more than 25 years of dedicated research and development. The ECM is the non-cellular component of all tissues and organs, and upon degradation or formation of tissue specific fragments will be released to the blood which can be used as biomarkers (an indicator of biological change). Nordic Bioscience is specialized in blood based biomarkers measuring ECM degradation or formation fragments. Furthermore this knowledge can be utilized to identify new drug candidates, diagnose patients and evaluate the effect of existing drugs and drug candidates.

Nordic Bioscience owns more than 150 patents and has published over 500 scientific papers in leading scientific journals. The company has entered into partnerships with the world’s largest pharma companies to develop new drugs in different disease areas (fibrosis, oncology, diabetes and cardiovascular) and has collaborations with leading diagnostic companies for the use of their novel biomarkers utilized for diagnostic purposes. In addition, Nordic Bioscience serves a growing international customer base of biotech, CROs and pharma companies with preclinical and clinical data analysis from its CAP certified laboratory.

KKR is a fantastic match to Nordic Bioscience due to its strong track record of supporting health care companies, and its experience across the pharma and drug development industry. KKR has supported hundreds of companies with their growth ambitions, and has offices all around the world. 

“I am excited to welcome KKR as a valued investor to the Nordic Bioscience team and to have their support in building on our strategy of bringing innovative novel diagnostic biomarkers and drug candidates to the market for the benefit of patients. Our fast-moving customers have high expectations, and KKR’s investment will propel Nordic Bioscience forward so that we can continue to meet these expectations. At the core of Nordic Bioscience is collaboration, among our team, with our partners and customers and now with KKR,” said Morten Karsdal, CEO of Nordic Bioscience.

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