Our blood-based tissue-derived biomarkers can quantify changes in joint tissues (e.g. bone, cartilage and connective tissues), and they can be used for monitoring pharmacodynamics, prognosis and prediction of efficacy in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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Our blood-based tissue-derived biomarkers can quantify changes occurring in patients with SpA by reflecting the diagnostic status of the three key affected tissues; ankylosis (bone), fibrosis (connective tissue) and chronic inflammation, and thereby be one step closer to personalized medicine.


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Our non-invasive blood biomarkers have a lot of value to add for studies in osteoarthritis, and for safety studies where structural changes to the joint are necessary to monitor. Read more about how disease activity can be monitored with the aid of Nordic Bioscience biomarkers, or understand to a deeper extent how the pharmacodynamic modulation occurs. 

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