Non-invasive biomarkers specifically targeting the dynamics of liver fibrosis, provide a novel tool to determine patient trajectories. Our collaborators use Nordic biomarkers to risk-stratify patients, and for prognostic enrichment in clinical trials targeting high-need and at-risk patients increasing the likelihood of success. Furthermore, our biomarkers are direct measurements of liver fibrosis dynamics that are currently be used to determine treatment efficacy.

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Diagnosis and prediction of disease progression in Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD), particularly for cirrhosis, has proven difficult. Our diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers have the potential to greatly benefit patients by aiding in early diagnosis of disease and directing the most appropriate treatment at the right time. 

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There is an urgent need for novel biomarkers that can be used to adequately determine the risk of disease progression, as well as early treatment response. Fibrosis is a key histological feature of immune-mediated liver diseases; however, the severity of liver fibrosis is primarily assessed through the use of a liver biopsy. Our biomarkers are currently used in various ongoing clinical studies to pick out fast progressors as well as monitoring of treatment efficacy. 


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In viral liver disease, there is a net formation (build up) of scar tissue in the tissue. The balance between degradation and formation of tissue is interrupted. Protein fingerprint biomarkers can quantify tissue turnover directly in serum or plasma samples.  

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