The use of biomarkers is limited in Systemic Sclerosis despite substantial research of such biomarkers. Within patient care, there are no biomarkers describing disease severity, activity, and progression or response to therapy. Only routine assessment of autoantibodies as part of the diagnostic criteria is assessed. However, autoantibody status is only useful in the diagnostics, as this is not a static biomarker. Thus, biomarkers for disease severity, activity, and progression are still highly warranted.

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In Atopic Dermatitis, there is an imbalance of tissue build-up and tissue breakdown, resulting in a net degradation of the tissue. Protein Fingerprint biomarkers can quantify skin tissue turnover directly in a serum sample and serve as a liquid biopsy. Here you can learn more about the utility of the Protein Fingerprint biomarker in Atopic Dermatitis. 

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There is a need for biomarkers in Psoriasis to improve diagnosis, determine disease severity, predict psoriasis development, and track therapeutic response. All of this will lead to improvement of patient management and reduce clinical trial size and length when developing new efficacious treatments. Here you can get an overview of how the Protein Fingerprint can help in clinical trials associated with Psoriasis.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa is characterized as a dermatological disease where the tissue architecture is being remodeled. The main component of the skin are collagens, which are remodeled as a part of the normal homeostasis of the skin. On this page, we explain how our biomarkers for systemic sclerosis can provide such crucial value.

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