Heart failure affects millions of patients annually and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is becoming the predominant subtype. Accurately diagnosing and evaluating these patients can be difficult due to high heterogeneity. Cardiac fibrosis is a common trait in heart failure patients.  The extracellular matrix remodeling can be assessed by measuring circulating neo-epitopes of formation and degradation. It is becoming increasingly evident that these specific biomarkers improve both diagnostics and prognostics in patient assessment.

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Myocardial infarction is a common cardiovascular disease affecting millions of patients worldwide. Myocardial infarction leads to tissue damage in the heart, which initiates a fibrotic tissue healing process. Understanding this dynamic and rapid extracellular matrix remodeling by assessing formation and degradation neo-epitopes can help identify patients at risk of adverse outcomes.

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Atherosclerosis is an underlying pathology in many cardiovascular diseases. Plaque formation leads to stiffer arteries with increased hypertension. Plaque rupture can lead to stroke and myocardial infarctions. The extracellular matrix composition in atherosclerotic plaques is fragile, and understanding the mechanisms leading to plaque destabilization and rupture could improve patient outcome. Biomarkers of extracellular matrix degradation provide a unique prognostic insight in pathology and patient outcome.

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