This section provides a brief overview of our most popular immuno-oncology biomarkers. We have developed a non-invasive method to look at activation of T-cells, macrophages and neutrophils. Understand pharmacodynamics, Mode of Action and efficacy non-invasively. 

Therefore, it is important to identify patients with a T-cell permissive tumor microenvironment.

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Patients with a severe desmoplastic reaction have a significantly reduced response to checkpoint inhibitor treatment due to fibrotic involvement of the tissue. We can pinpoint patients with a low desmoplastic reaction, and thereby patients that are likely to survive due to correct treatment. Read below about how you can utilize that in your clinical program. 

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At Nordic Bioscience we are experts in looking at different tissues in a protein-level. That approach has been applied to the oncology field as cancer biomarkers, in order to evaluate how treatment improve the tissue in specific regions. We set us apart from other circulating biomarkers (such as ctDNA or CSCs) by a patient centric approach and utilizing our knowledge in precision medicine to understand the cancer biology in the individual patients. Read more about our biomarkers for cancer indications here, and how we can profile the cancerous stroma.

More about our biomarkers for the tumor stroma

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