Introduction: Enzymatic cross-linking of the collagens within the extracellular matrix (ECM) catalyzed by enzymes such as lysyl oxidase (LOX) and lysyl oxidase like-enzymes 1-4 (LOXL), transglutaminase 2 (TG2), and peroxidasin (PXDN) contribute to fibrosis progression through extensive collagen cros...

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Different stimulants might induce different extracellular matrix profiles. It is essential to gain an understanding and quantification of these changes to allow for focused anti-fibrotic drug development. This study investigated the expression of extracellular matrix by dermal fibroblast mimicking f...

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Protein cross-links are formed in regulated biochemical processes in many biological systems, but they are also generated inadvertently via the reactions of exogenous or endogenous oxidants. Site-specific identification and characterization of such cross-links is challenging and the goal was therefo...

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