Vastatin, a fragment derived from type VIII collagen, is one of the least studied collagen-derived matrikines. Vastatin can be detected in serum but little is known regarding the relevance of serum vastatin in colorectal cancer (CRC). In this study, serum vastatin was measured (ELISA) in 67 healthy controls and 48 CRC patients prior to resection and compared to clinicopathological parameters and serum biomarkers of stromal reactivity (C3M, VICM). Impact of resection and chemotherapy were evaluated by comparing baseline values with a 3-month follow-up sample (n = 23). Serum vastatin was detectable in 114 of 115 subjects. At baseline vastatin was elevated in CRC compared to controls (P \u003c 0.001) with a diagnostic accuracy (AUROC) of 0.865, p \u003c 0.0001. Vastatin correlated with age in controls but not in patients with CRC; no association was seen with clinicopathological parameters. Vastatin was independently associated with C3M (stepwise linear regression coefficient 0.25,


January 9, 2019

Cancer biology therapy

Jorgensen LN, Karsdal MA

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