• Best-in-class serological biomarker detecting true fibrogenesis
  • Diagnostic, prognostic and can be pharmacologically modulated
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • IVD enabled on the automated Roche cobas® e platform
  • Used as an enrollment criteria for both phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials in MASH

The nordicPRO-C3™ (PRO-C3) biomarker assay is a breakthrough solution for accurate assessment and monitoring of liver fibrosis, offering a potential non-invasive alternative to the invasive liver biopsy.

The PRO-C3 biomarker incorporates all characteristics that make a biomarker stand out: it is diagnostic, prognostic and can be pharmacologically modulated. PRO-C3 with high accuracy to detect MASH, advanced alcohol-related liver fibrosis, and is also used to investigate lung fibrosis, tumor fibrosis (FDA supported), and other major diseases. The diagnostic accuracy of PRO-C3 can be further improved by using the ADAPT algorithm in which the test outperforms currently available non-patented serological fibrosis markers.

PRO-C3 predicts clinical outcomes and disease progression in patients with chronic liver disease, and also enables precise monitoring of treatment response and disease progression over time. Utilizing PRO-C3 as a clinical research biomarker offers a rapid and reliable go-no/go decision tool, enabling efficient evaluation of treatment efficacy and progression in 4-week phase 1b trials for liver-related indications.

Integrated within the FIB-NIT Panel™, PRO-C3 efficiently works with complementary biomarkers such as CTX-III for fibrosis resolution and nordicPRO-C6™ (PRO-C6, Endotrophin) for outcome prediction, offering a comprehensive approach to assessing fibrosis.

A fragment of N-terminal type III collagen.

Therapeutic area
Gastroenterology, Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer, Hepatic diseases, Respiratory diseases, Renal diseases, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Metabolic dysregulation

Biomarker panels
Lung Fibrosis, FIB-NIT Panel™: Fibrosis Non-invasive Tests, Bridging Fibrosis, Liver Fibrosis Outcome, Tissue Fibrosis, Fibrosis / Fibroblasts, Kidney Disease Activity, Kidney Outcome, Kidney Preclinical, Heart Fibrosis, Heart Outcome, Tissue Fibrosis, Mucosal Damage Resolution, Systemic Sclerosis

Fibrogenesis, ECM formation

Alternative names

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