Nordic Bioscience has more than 25 years of experience in biomarker development and clinical trials and has particular expertise in rheumatology, oncology and fibrosis. Nordic Bioscience offers more than 70 validated proprietary biomarkers to clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and has successfully conducted multiple phase I-III trials in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Nordic Bioscience liaises with our pharmaceutical and biotech clients to identify projects most suitable for clinical development, taking full advantage of our unique biomarker technology. We assist our clients in understanding a compound’s mode of action and optimal dosing. Our experience in clinical and preclinical research allows us to help provide a faster and smarter detection of signals of clinical viability of future treatment options.

The close collaboration between our biomarker research teams, manufacturing, sample measurement services teams, and clinical- and regulatory expertise helps ensure an unmatched level of support to our clients. We call it our Biomarker Powerhouse!

As a science-driven and specialized company we proudly publish more than 50 scientific papers annually in high-impact journals.


Rheumatology constitutes the largest part of our research legacy at Nordic Bioscience as we have completed multiple clinical phase I-III trials in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Our proprietary biomarkers are used to detect early signals of efficacy and segregation of phenotypes to enable the development of truly Precision Medicine.                           

Our expertise includes:


Prediction of risk of progression is an essential part of assessing and managing fibrotic diseases. Our disease-activity biomarkers provide a toolbox for drug developers, so they can identify patients most suitable for intervention.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Our expertise includes:

Oncology and additional therapeutic areas

In oncology the assessment of tumor microenvironment alterations is important for identifying patients whom will benefit from treatment and for identifying novel drug targets. The Nordic Bioscience fibroblast platform focusing on serological quantification of desmoplasia, provides diagnostic, prognostic and predictive value from a simple blood test.

Our expertise includes:


As a science-driven and specialized company we proudly publish more than 40 scientific papers annually in high-impact journals.

Protein Fingerprint Technology

Our unique Protein Fingerprint™ technology can identify and quantify disease-specific protein fragments that exceed the specificity of gold standard biomarkers with regards to biological relevance and scientific rationale.