Would you like to write your Master Thesis at a biotechnological company?

Nordic Bioscience offers a research oriented thesis project focusing on extracellular protein characterization

Fibrotic diseases are not well characterized and represent a number of different diseases which all impact organ function severely. The initiating mechanisms behind fibrogenesis is not established, but a common feature is dysregulation of extracellular matrix (ECM) protein synthesis and degradation, such as collagens, originating from tissue damage- or wound-repair mechanisms. Accumulation of these ECM proteins is the hallmark of fibrotic diseases. Many of the fragments released during degradation also exert biological functions that can contribute to fibrogenesis. Characterizing these bioactive ECM molecules is important for understanding the developing and contributing mechanisms behind fibrosis.

Nordic Bioscience is a biotechnology company specializing in the discovery, development and commercialization of biochemical markers for a range of diseases. As a student at Nordic Bioscience you will be part of a young and dynamic team. During the project, you will learn various techniques ranging from ELISA, protein purification and cell culturing.

The Project

You will be situated in the Fibrosis team. The aim of this master thesis project is to characterize a specific fragment derived from proteolytic degradation of collagen, which has been shown to affect tissue and biological processes negatively. Additionally, you will be part of a team developing a novel biochemical marker assay aimed at measuring a fragment of a protein generated through a pathologically relevant mechanism of fibrosis. A student from DTU with Mass Spectrometry experience is preferred.


You will be supervised daily by a PhD student, Alexander Reese, who will ensure that you are thoroughly introduced to the in-house laboratory techniques that you will use. He will be your go to person throughout the project, more general project discussions will be supervised by the Head of Kidney Fibrosis, Federica Genovese. We are happy to welcome you at Nordic Bioscience, where you will find an educational environment that will teach you both research and commercial aspects of science. Unlike many other biotechnical companies, publications are of high priority here which makes an ideal setting for a master’s student.


Are you interested? Or have questions?

Please contact: PhD student Alexander Reese, MSc

E-mail: arp@nordicbio.com