What Is Biomarkers & Research?

Nordic Bioscience is a world-leading biomarker extracellular matrix specialist, which offers customized development of highly disease-specific biochemical markers for diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases. All this creating a new generation of Precision Medicine. We support the entire process from identification of biomarker targets to assay development, and even FDA validation of assays when requested.

Our goal is to assist our clients developing targeted treatments faster, more effectively, at a lower cost and with a more favorable risk-benefit ratio for patients and our clients through highly specialized biomarker services. Offering both selection of patients for clinical trials and serological due diligence for selection of compounds.

Protein Fingerprint Technology

Our unique Protein Fingerprint™ technology can identify and quantify disease-specific protein fragments that exceed the specificity of gold standard biomarkers with regards to biological relevance and scientific rationale.

Nordic Bioscience Assays

Nordic Bioscience has a unique portfolio of more than 70 biomarkers that are available for analyzing samples in our College of American Pathology certified laboratory.

Nordic Bioscience Laboratory

The Nordic Bioscience Laboratory offers a complete range of central laboratory services assessing biochemical markers. In addition to regular safety testing of human samples from clinical trials we are the exclusive provider of the unique Nordic Bioscience assays.

Products & Services

Nordic Bioscience offers a unique and complete range of biomarker services from initial identification of relevant biomarkers and customized development of highly specific assays to FDA validation of assays.