The ECLIPSE cohort (Evaluation of COPD Longitudinally to Identify Predictive Surrogate End-points) stands as one of the most extensive studies that can provide a comprehensive description of COPD endotypes and define indicators that can foresee how the disease may advance over time.

By accessing the ECLIPSE samples and clinical data, and initiating a joint research project with Nordic Bioscience’s biomarkers, we have a unique opportunity to gain a more holistic understanding of the disease, encompassing various levels of biological information and interactions, and potentially, identifying novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

Previous data from an ECLIPSE subset has already demonstrated that Nordic Bioscience’s biomarkers are related to relevant COPD outcomes[1, 2]. A proof-of-concept data-driven cluster analysis revealed that our biomarkers identified prognostic endotypes with distinct patterns of progression that were not distinguishable by clinical characteristics[3]. This showcases how blood-based biomarkers reflecting relevant molecular pathways may be tools to identify clinically relevant endotypes.

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