Figure 1. PRO-C3 and CPa9-HNE biomarkers upregulated in psoriasis.

A balanced extracellular matrix (ECM) is necessary to preserve skin integrity and tissue homeostasis. Several ECM components of the dermis, epidermis, and epidermal basement membrane, reflecting the individual skin compartments are remodeled during psoriasis progression.

Biomarkers related to psoriasis pathogenesis are crucial for use in clinical trials, but also to advance the knowledge of the biological complexity and heterogeneity behind psoriasis.

The biomarkers utility in the disease is depicted by PRO-C3 (Activated dermal fibroblasts; Formation of type III collagen) and CPa9-HNE (Neutrophil activity; S100A9 degraded by human neutrophil elastase), in Figure 1. Both biomarkers are upregulated in patients with psoriasis.

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