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Mette Juul Fisker Nielsen, Manager and Head of Hepatic Research: A Decade of Success at Nordic Bioscience

A decade of dedication and hard work is a path full of struggles and successes. Mette's story is closely tied to Nordic's and shows how perseverance and a strong will can advance science that directly benefits patients.

Mette wrote both her BSc and MSc thesis in the fibrosis group (not included in her ten years!) and later became the "mother" of the PRO-C3 biomarker, a marker for fibrosis that is highly sought after in numerous clinical trials. However, the story of PRO-C3 did not begin as successfully as it is today.

When Mette was working on her bachelor's thesis, she forgot to include a picture of a collagen - a cornerstone of Nordic's technology - and received one of the lowest grades ever given for a thesis written at Nordic. Despite that, Mette continued as an MSc student in the fibrosis group, developing biomarkers of collagen remodeling. Meanwhile, PRO-C3 was developed by other members of the group and left in hibernation.

Mette was offered a position as a PhD student in the lung group by Diana Julie Leeming (Director of Fibrosis) and Morten Asser Karsdal (CEO), as they did not foresee any rapid development in business or science in the liver field at that time. However, a meeting with professor Aleksander Krag changed their view, and things started to take off in liver.

During her PhD studies, Mette evaluated the PRO-C3 biochemical assay for liver fibrosis, but she never got around to performing a technical evaluation herself. The data collected by others remained in a drawer because no one had the time to look at it.

However, over time, Mette and her group have presented more and more promising data on PRO-C3, transforming the forgotten ugly duckling into one of our most successful biomarkers - not just in liver fibrosis - proving that determination and dedication to one's path eventually pay off.

Since then, Mette has published more than 40 papers - 48 to be exact - and currently has an H-index of 22.

Team Nordic congratulates you, Mette, and we look forward to your continued commitment to our cause!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or other inquiries.

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