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Mark your calendar for the kick-off of the ECM Pharmacology Symposium Series!

On 17 January 2023 (11:00-12:30 EST), we will sponsor our first ECM Pharmacology Symposium Series session in close collaboration with our partner, The Extracellular Matrix Pharmacology Congress.

The session will include a stimulating talk by Professor Morten Karsdal on understanding the mysteries of the different types of collagens. Dr Alexander Lynge Reese-Petersen will then spotlight collagen type VI and its relationship to various pathologies, as well as the pharmacological and biological properties of the dangerous hormone Endotrophin.
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Scientific topics

Extracellular matrix (ECM) dysregulation is the founding cause of tissue fibrosis, a process driving more than 50 pathologies and most chronic diseases. Fibrosis may develop both consequent to either an increase in tissue formation or a decrease in tissue degradation. ​​​​​​​Understanding the ECM and the central components of the basement membrane and interstitial ECM will lead to a better understanding of disease mechanisms and to novel treatment strategies. This may be a central part in precision medicine strategies to target the right patients.

Professor Morten Karsdal will talk about:

  • ECM remodeling is the common denominator of all fibro-inflammatory disorders
  • Collagens have signaling molecules that we need to understand to understand how the ECM affects cells in fibrosis and tissue turnover
  • Endotrophin and other collagen fragments (Vastatin, Tumstatin and Endostatin) are potential signaling molecules derived from the processing of the collagens in the ECM
  • Understanding ECM turnover may lead to better insight into disease mechanisms and better biological understanding of individual patients

Dr Alexander Reese’s presentation will cover:

  • ECM biomarkers are elevated in chronic pathologies and have prognostic significance for outcome. How can we best use this to guide drug development?
  • Endotrophin, a collagen hormone in multi-organ diseases
  • Endotrophin in HFpEF, a potentially treatable high-risk endotype
  • Use of the tissue turnover profile for patient selection

Early bird registrants will have a chance to win a copy signed by Professor Morten Karsdal of the second edition of Biochemistry of Collagens, Laminins and Elastin, a book dedicated to comprehensive ECM and collagen research.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or other inquiries.

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