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From idea to antibody

The production cycle from antibody-design to assay production is a collaboration between the research groups in RnD (and a potential sponsor) and the Antibody Research Unit (ARU) and the Technology Evaluation and Automation (TEA) group, which helps to facilitate and streamline the antibody development and assay production in RnD. There is a large degree of communication between the individual research groups and ARU and TEA to ensure the best design and development of our assays, as well as an thorough and precise final validation before the assay is transferred to our GMP production for large-scale manufacturing.

ARU – Antibody Research Unit

At Nordic Bioscience our Antibody Research Unit (ARU) provide the antibodies for the Research Department for all our in-house assay development projects. ARU consists of highly skilled and trained personnel that delivers monoclonal antibodies specifically developed for optimal compatibility with our assay platforms.

ARU also supply antibodies for co-sponsored programs under the guidance of the specific RnD groups, which can be tailored to their specific needs.

What makes our antibodies different from others?

We deliver highly specific monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) targeting neo-epitopes based on our Protein Fingerprint technology. Our antibodies are targeted at a specific cleavage site and we selectively screen for the antibodies that only target this specific site and do not cross react with cleavage sites that are only one aminoacid up- or down-steam from this site. This technique also ensures that non-cleaved protein fragments and similar protein homologs are not detected either (see figure to the right).

This allows a panel of different antibodies targeting specific processing events of the same protein, thereby quantifying different protein sub-pools that are pathologically relevant.

We strive to deliver carefully selected and well-characterized monoclonal antibodies specifically optimized for use in immunoassays and well-suited for antibody conjugations purposes.

We oversee the entire process from preparation of immunogens to immunizations at our dedicated animal facility as well as the entire process from fusion of the myeloma cells to characterization of the final hybridoma clones.

What can the Antibody Research Unit deliver?

  • mAbs – specifically targeting epitope of interest. Specialized in targeting neo-epitopes of protein cleavage
  • Ensured high specificity and selectivity – no need for epitope mapping
  • Minimal cross reaction
  • Desired sequence homologs can be screened for de-selection
  • Antibodies applicable for automation platform
  • Antibody characterization such as purification and isotype determination

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or other inquiries.

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