Nordic Bioscience comprises three divisions, offering clinical development, biomarker research and a FDA-certified laboratory. Our services are designed to be purchased separately or in combination. Our mission is to change patient treatment through precision medicine taking full advantage of the close collaboration between our three divisions. We offer a unique one-stop-shop to support all your clinical development-, biomarker- and scientific needs under one roof. We believe the synergy between our teams is the key to developing truly precision medicine and it makes us work smarter, faster and at lower costs.


We believe a partnership is effective when goals are shared and partners are strategically aligned. Due to our unique organization, we specialize in providing partnering services that fit well with your goals and strategy, and we offer financial risk-sharing. We proudly call ourselves a Drug Development Organization as we engage actively in any phase of drug development; financially, scientifically and operationally.

Our dynamic research teams can make decisions swiftly, leverage cross-functional synergies and will quickly adapt to accommodate your current and future needs. The close collaboration between our biomarker research teams and clinical and regulatory experts helps ensure an unmatched level of support.

Our business model is based on providing scientific expertise and know-how to our clients in co-development projects through all phases of drug development, from target identification to phase III. Our scientific experts provide guidance on drug candidate selection. In preparing for clinical development, the concurrent development of companion diagnostics for suitable patient selection could potentially lead to truly personalized medicine. 

This approach saves valuable time in development and will provide the possibility for patients to receive a treatment with a significantly increased chance of success compared with medicines developed for a general population.

Welcome to the Biomarker Powerhouse!