About Us

Nordic Bioscience is dedicated to preclinical and clinical drug development. We specialize in precision medicine using unique biomarker technologies. We liaise with our biotech and pharmaceutical clients to identify projects most suitable for clinical development by utilizing our unique biomarker technology.

Nordic Bioscience has more than 25 years’ experience in biomarker development and clinical trials and has particularly acquired extensive expertise in rheumatology and fibrosis. Combining our experience in preclinical and clinical research enables us to help provide a faster and smarter detection of signals of the potential clinical viability of drug candidates.

We tailor our unique solutions to our clients’ needs. As a privately owned, specialized company we are able to make decisions swiftly, leverage cross-functional synergies and quickly adapt the organization to best accommodate current and future needs. The close collaboration between our biomarker research teams and clinical and regulatory experts ensures an unmatched level of support for our clients. We call it our Biomarker Powerhouse.

Our approach and mindset are highly scientific and we take pride in frequently publishing our results in leading journals worldwide. In fact, on average we publish around 50 articles each year.

Why Work With Us

Nordic Bioscience comprises three divisions, offering clinical development, biomarker research and a FDA-certified laboratory. Our mission is to change patient treatment through personalized medicine taking full advantage of the close collaboration between our three divisions.

How It All Began

The first biochemical marker developed by Nordic Bioscience was serum osteocalcin, a marker of bone formation. This initial biomarker was followed by the development of a large spectrum of novel biomarkers in several different diseases.